Fairysnow Maui Embers of Serenitystorm

I could say so much about this handsome boy & what he has produced but I’ll try to keep on point. 🙂

Beautiful personality inside & out & he’s a very good stud & takes care of his queens like a gentleman. Great bone structure, amazing profile with nice chin & well set nose and nice width. Ears well placed & cupped. Lovely round eyes. Beautiful thick short tail with full rosettes down. Outstanding contrast in his coat, nice & short but he does have a double coat. Apose to single. He isn’t glittered but does carry one copy of the glitter gene so will always produce glittered babies here all of our cleans have 2 glitter genes each. Two is needed to produce the glitter coats. Love the flow of his rosettes/pattern spotty legs and a chin strap. But most of all I love the love he gives everyone…. ♥️♥️♥️

♥️HCM screened in 2022 & 2023 both clear for HCM♥️

💯Full wisdom panel carried out for fullness of heath check, also to know his colour genetics & he is blood group type A. Maui is clear of PRA, PRA - B & PKD
When paired with the right Queen he can produce the followings colours- Silver, Brown, Seal Mink, Silver Seal Mink, Sepia, Silver Sepia, Solid Silver Seal mink, Solid Silver Sepia  & last but not least Silver Smokes😻💯♥️

💉All vaccinations up to date & we worm on fixed schedule throughout the year. 💯💯💯

His favourite food is chicken Purrform but absolutely love his Eden Holistic dry biscuits too… 💯💯💯

Born June 2020 - Currently Active Stud