‘Baybengalz Rum Tum Tugger’


‘SerenityStorm Forget Me Not Lilibet’

❤️BABIES DUE 19th MARCH 2024❤️

😻🐾SerenityStorm Forget Me Not Lilibet & BayBengalz Rum Tum Tugger are expecting 6 precious babies. They are both from FULLY health screened  annual HCM. Babies leave us all double vaccinated & all our pet only kittens leave us ESN as well as fully TICA REGISTERED. Let’s tell you more about this pairing… 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻


Stud: Baybengalz Rum Tum Tugger
Colour: Seal Silver Sepia Spotted
Sire: Snowfire Quaistar of Baybengalz   
Dam: Junglemoon Chocolate Dream Of Baybengalz

 💙Rum Tum Tugger is homebred proven stud boy from BayBengalz in Brixham, which is on the U.K. south coast. He truly has a wonderful presence about him & he’s a deeply loving boy. He has amazing contrast in his coat with outstanding rosettes. Lovely muzzle with big whisker puffs, wide large nose which is gorgeously pink. His ear set is near perfect. They are small, rounded with a  wide base with a small tilt forward in flow with his head. He has beautiful nautical aqua eyes and perfectly set wide apart. His profile is very nice indeed with a lovey strong chin in-line with tip of his nose. Overall his head is slightly smaller in proportions to his body which is exactly correct. He is a large muscular boy with a thick & short tail. This is going to be an outstanding pairing & we’re so very excited. We know he passes his amazing temperament on to all of his babies too. We’re extremely grateful to Luke & Chantelle at BayBengalz for this amazing opportunity to work with Rum Tum this year❤️



Queen: SerenityStorm Forget Me Not Lilibet
Colour: Seal Mink Spotted Tabby
Sire: Fairysnow Maui Embers of SerenityStorm
Dam: Allikatzuk Awesome Annie of SerenityStorm

💗Lilibet is very special as she’s homebred she’s a beautifully glittered single coated Bengal. Being homebred does always make breeding that but more special. Her head is slightly smaller than her body in-she truly has an outstanding profile. Her nose is wide with a lovely leathering. Her eyes are absolutely exceptional & I truly mean that with black liner & they’re widely set apart to. Her ears are well placed, rounded with a slight tilt forward. Her silky, glittered contrasting coat really does wow people along her desired necklace. She has the most stunning rosettes that pop with spotted front legs which is something we’ve worked at producing in our program. Along with her lovely short & thick tail. Lovely weight for a Queen. She’s very loving & playful. Lilibet is one of our home produced queens out of our silver queen Awesome Annie & silver stud Maui Embers. This will be her very first litter & pairing. 

Lilibet was scanned at 30 days past mating where it was believed 4 babies were on board but due to her weight gain we had her rescanned a few days later & as we had her mum Annie being scanned that day so Lilibet tagged along & she actually had a couple hiding on the first scan by the looks of it….. 😂😂😂 (yes Annie is also expecting as well within 5 days of Lilibet )




📞☎️💬Our waiting list is open & already filling up for all planned litters this year so please do get in touch.

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🐾We’re a fully registered cattery with TICA & we’ve been est since 2013. We can assist with registration for GCCF & LCWW as well.

🐾All of our kittens will be individually evaluated & priced accordingly please contact me for details of availability….

Our pet prices start from £1395-£1800. Price listed is for PETS ONLY NOT ACTIVE.

All of our kittens leave us with the following-

•Fully Litter trained & Vaccinated✅

•All internal & external parasite prevention treated ✅


•5 weeks insurance with Agria Pet Insurance✅

•Fully TICA registered paperwork provided for pet neutered kittens at time of collection. ✅

•At least 4 health checks. ✅

•12 month Health Guarantee & Contract.✅

•2 Year HCM guarantee✅

•Minium 4 generation pedigree.✅

•ESN before they leave us.✅

•Kittens don’t leave us until 13wks old as recommended by TICA.✅


😻♥️🐾Our Kitten Pack🐾♥️😻


•1 weeks supply of Bella & Duke/Purrform raw food with raw treats

•400g Eden Holistic Biscuits (kitten pack included from Eden)

•A selection of quality toys.

•10kg KittiLitt Premium Cat Litter

•Premium Brit-Pet Litter Tray

•Personalised Snuggle buddy from home which the litter will have slept with for a number of weeks.

•Full settling in instructions & a lifetime of aftercare & support.

•Kittens Individual Paperwork wallet



•We offer a returning client discount of £100💯

•Buying 2 or more babies from the same litter & get £250 off

*All discounts are Deducted off final balance*


Both Lilibet & RumTum are fully health tested & up to date with all their health needs. They receive annual HCM screening with a board certified cardiologist. We provide fully traceable certificates to you in your kitten packs. This screening is vital & I would ask anyone who says they screen to see their paperwork. They are also both  PKdef N/N & PRA b Normal. Again these test results from Wisdom Panel/Langfords are available for viewing. They are also both fully colour tested. These tests ensures we are producing healthy kittens & not putting unhealthy kittens out into the world. All my kittens are brought up in my family home, with lots & lots of socialisation to make the transition to their new homes less traumatic for kitten & owner! We pride ourselves on just the right amount of human to Bengal interaction from day 0 so that we produce social babies & happy mommas. 💯♥️😻


Lilibet & RumTum are also both fully registered with TICA, on the active breeding register. This is the only way bengals should be being bred, if you see cheap kittens for sale there’s a reason they are cheap. If someone is saying they don’t register there kittens but have pedigree parents it’s highly likely they are BACK YARD BREEDERS, THEY DON’T DO HEALTH TESTING & there cats are not suitable for breeding in the 1st place. My advice to all potential new owners is please do your research it’s so important. After all you’re adding a new member to your family ♥️


Choosing a kitten from us, couldn’t be easier a deposit of £350 is payable which is NON REFUNDABLE. The balance is then due no later than collection. I would in the meantime send weekly updates, pictures & videos to keep you going until home time! I’m always posting photos & videos on our social media too. Just search SerenityStorm Bengals you’ll find us. Check out our reviews on Facebook & Google. 😻😻😻


For more info, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us ❤️❤️❤️